Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009

Opinion needed? Or not so much?

Today I thought about the importance to have an opinion.
I'm one of these people who thinks a lot about random things, and is then quick to build an opinion and is not afraid to mout it.
Even though I am sometimes a little too quick with that, it is often my first feeling about a subject that stays with me (I like that concept, that the first thing you feel is often the real thing you feel).

But how important is it to always have an opinion about everything?
When someone doesn't have a stance on an (IMHO) important subject, I do often catch myself thinking "doesn't that person spend any time discovering what they believe in? Do they know themselves that little?"
Again, this is me being quick in building an opinion (woah, word of the day!).

So? Do you need an opinion on everything? Do you feel ashamed when someone asks your opinion and you don't have one? I'm thinking, thinking, thinking...

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pippasporch hat gesagt…

Hmm. I used to be fairly strongly (if silently) opinionated, but (to my surprise!=) I've discovered that my first impressions are sometimes wrong.

Only lately I've learned that it is OK if other people differ from me. I can listen to their opinion without feeling threatened. In fact, comparing different opinions can be very stimulating!

I'm able to admit if my opinion changes as I obtain more information.

& I've also learned that it's perfectly fine to say, "You know, that's something I've never really thought about. Let me consider it."

After all, different people think about different kinds of things. That's what makes life so fascinating!

Bottom line: the better you know yourself & how you feel about life, how you fit into it, the more grounded you probably are.