Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008

Book: Eve Green by Susan Fletcher

I have just finished Susan Fletcher's first book, Eve Green, and it just blew me away.
I read her second book, Oystercatchers, last summer, and it sort of became my favourite book, I fell in love with it.
So I was sort of nervous when I started reading Eve Green, because I was so "spoiler" by the other book.
But Eve is amazing.
Susan Fletcher just has an amazing power with words. The story takes place in Wales, and, even though I've never been to Wales, I feel like I've lived there.
The book is so rich in beautiful detail that I really felt present in the story - more than in any other book I've ever read.

The story is, like it was in Oystercatchers, a very quiet, very dark one:
When Evie's mother dies, she moves, aged 8, to her grandparents in Wales.
She tells the story of the following summer 21 years later, and it mainly covers two important events or secrets in Evie's life: the abduction of a local girl, and the mystery around her father's identity.

I recommend this book to absolutely everyone. It's sad, there's no doubt about that, but most of all, it's beautiful, in a very rare and wild way. And what is especially great about Susan Fletcher's books are her, well, I guess you could call them heroines. They're strong and stubborn and silent, but never ever weak.

Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008

Boh3m3: An Open Letter To Eminem

Watch it here.

This is the new boh3m3 video, and I think that it is really moving.
It's good to see someone you admire (or have once admired or whatever) getting better and finding their way, and it's especially nice to see that boh3m3 shared this with youtube - after all, this is where it all started, and it has a sort of poetry to it.

But the reason people are going to be pretty POed about this (I'd guess)?

"I have finally worked out what the hell is wrong with me. Or what the hell is right with me, that I just didn't understand for a long time. [...] I realized that I have ADHD [attention deficit hyperactive disorder]. Like, I really do, it finally clicked, it makes sense."

Now, of course I don't know the whole story behind this, and of course I don't know how well educated he is when it comes to neurobehavioral disorders, or any sort of border-psychological disorder for that matter.
But assuming he doesn't know much about it, and assuming he diagnosed himself, then there is something immensley wrong with that video.
For me, self-diagnostics are sort of like blasphemy.
Because it's just too easyto go out there and say, "listen, this and this is wrong with me. Go figure."
And I really hope that he has had a proper diagnosis, or this is another step towards making serious disorders look like random words that you can use to describe the bad, stinging feeling inside your chest that keeps your mind from working.

Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2008


The roof was made of red clouds, or so it looked to me.
In the middle of the high room, all the clouds were rising up, up, up, into a tornado, sucked away by wind and weather.
I hurt my neck, that’s how long I stared up at the red clouds that looked as solid as my own body.

- by me

All I Want

I am on a lonely road
/and I am traveling
/traveling traveling traveling
/looking for something
/what can it be
/oh I hate you some
/I hate you some
/I love you some
/oh I love you
/when I forget about me
/I want to be strong
/I want to laugh along
/I want to belong to the living
/I want to get up and jive
/I want to wreck my stockings
/in some juke box dive
/do you want
/do you want
/do you want
/to dance
/with me baby

All I Want by Joni Mitchell


I just wrote almost two pages of stuff I like.
In one sitting.
Like, just sat down and wrote it.

Ee-he, here I come. (:
Thanks for supporting!

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008

What I am currently listening to:

Y'All Want A Single - Korn (this song is just fun)

Your Woman - White Town (cute)

Just A Girl - No Doubt (a No Doubt classic)

Don't Give It Up - Siobhan Donaghy (beautiful and spiritual)

Sister - She Wants Revenge (a little dark)

Mouthwash - Kate Nash (cute, wonderful and uplifting)

N 2Gether Now - Limp Bizkit (funky!)

Breath Me - Sia (an Olden Goldie :))

Hummer - The Foals (my favorite song right now)

Colorblind - The Counting Crows (quite possible the most beautiful song of all times)

Everything's Just Wonderful - Lily Allen (explicit but honest Brit Pop)

Down Another Day - Limp Bizkit (very melancholical)

All Around Me - Flyleaf (it makes you feel that everything's okay)

Over The Line - Revelation Theory (absolutely apocalyptical; always makes me think of a desert. Hm...)

Passive - Perfect Circle (coolest song EVER)